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What you need to know about our service before accept the estimate.


We love to serve you with honesty and professionalism. A mutual understanding makes a wonderful, friendly relationship grow, season by season. Please read important information and feel free to deny this Offer if you disagree




(a) - CLEAN UP:

If a clean up needs to be done on the property, we will charge $150 for the first time for blowing and clean up the Lawn only, removing sticks and branches and bagging them. Flowers bed and leaves clean up is not included in the first tie mowing.


(b) - We charge after every service is done. You will have the choice to get your card set for automatic payments.


(c) - DOG AT HOME:

If you have Dog, and his pooh needs to be removed from the lawn when we are on your property ready to start mowing, we can clean for you. Take into account that this is an extra service and it cost is $25.00 extra each time. We will let the garbage bag at your property. If you want to avoid extra charges, please keep the lawn ready and clean to be mow. (d) -



If you are not at the property or at the town, we will always mow your lawn and will send you a payment link. Fail your payment, will automatically cause the suspension of the service since your address won appear in the rout app of our crew. Remember, we accept: Check, cash, venmo, zelle, square, paypal, google pay, cash app payment, link payment, also portable device so you can pay with your card at the comfort of your home. ====For payements through payement apps, use the following phone number: 631 456 6068)==== . . .



We know that rain can be a challenge in mowing service already scheduled. However, mother nature sometimes acts in an incomprehensible way. For this reason, you should be aware that there could be a delay in the service since we stop activities in order to protect our crew from elements that may represent a health hazard or damage to the physical integrity. If you set automatic payment and don't receive the service because of the weather conditions, you will receive a REFUND for the missing service in that particular situation. You don't have to reset your payment method



We are ensured company and Google Guarantee. We have passed the google security screen and qualified as a company that meets the quality standards in our field.


(g) - SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITIES DETECTED -DATA BASE: We reserve the right to serve clients in our database with similar behaviors whose objective is to obtain services irregularly. If you want more information about this clause, please call 1-800-4175081 or write to us at

(i) - NEW WEED COMING OUT IN YOUR GRASS You should know that weed growth on your lawn is a natural condition of an ecosystem like your lawn. Many types of weed or unwanted plants can sprout from one day to the next for no apparent reason. As you know, pollen or seeds from other plants fly through the air or are carried by insects. This is how your weed grows and reproduces quickly in your lawn. We can help you remove weeds that grows on mulch on flowers beds, you need to ask for a previews estimate. This service is only for weed and small plants that can be removed by hand. You should know that there are companies specifically focused on pest and weed as we focus on lawn mowing only. So, by accepting this quote, you agree with us working on your property and understand that we are not responsible for sudden weed outbreaks on your lawn.

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