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database of suspicious activities detected

Hi. Dear client, we wish to inform you that the waiting time ended on May 26th, 2022 (three weeks) A second seeding process will be done on your property at no additional cost to grow the grass as part of our guarantee. Since you already reseed the lawn, we will wait another three weeks, so we can proceed to a second treatment in order to grow grass.  If you do not accept our guarantee, we will refund the seeding cost which is seventy-five dollars.


Please, take in to account that even if you receive a refund for the total amount, as a result of dispute resolution you submitted with your Credit Card Financial Institution, this does not exempt you (or card holder name) from payment of Three hundred fifty dollars for services performed at your property such as: Aeration, fertilizing, mowing, weed whack, hedges trimming. You don’t have to pay for pruning branches, cut the small tree and the garbage bags we removed from your property, since this was a courtesy service from our side.

If you decide to do not pay the bill you owe to us, we send the bill to a collection agency. We are not responsible if the credit score affected for unpaid bill in the future.

You also have to know that many customers pay for the entire season and in at the end opens a dispute in order to get a refund (free service). This is a common behavior that we have detected over the years and that is why we have designed a database of those clients with similar behaviors.  We have to inform you that we have associated your address and your name to this list and we will not be able to serve you in the future.


“Having a local Landscaping Company is always essential. You never know when urgent service will be needed”.


GrassUp, LLC

Long Island, NY

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